Experiments by Growthhackers

A project management tool built and designed for growth teams

  • Increase team’s learning velocity, building habits to quickly discover ways to accelerate growth

  • Focus on high impact opportunities, aligning the team to get breakout growth

  • Build a company-wide growth culture, mobilizing your team around creating ideas, testing and learning

  • Experiments integrates with a full suite of industry leading A/B testing, analytics and project management solutions and we continue to add new integrations regularly.

Experiments by Growthhackers

How Experiments by Growthhackers works

Experiments allows growth teams to effectively control the whole growth hacking (or experimentation) process from an end-to-end. By setting up a Experiments Metric, Objectives and creating an idea backlog, helping you sort out and prioritize the best hypothesis, build and run experiments and create a learning center based on the knowledge acquired through the experimentation process. All of that while providing internal KPIs and reporting tools.

Experiments by Growthhackers

Get more out of Experiments by Growthhackers with Segment

Integrating your Experiments account with your Segment account will allow the growth team to effectively measure and gather data as the results of their experiments and better analyze their learnings upon that. No need to automatically populate screenshots or copy and paste data from other sources. You simply select the events connected with your test and it will be automatically populated into your card once it's done.

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Integrate Experiments by Growthhackers with Segment

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