Facebook Offline Conversions

Offline conversion tracker

  • Enables offline event tracker, so marketers can run campaigns, upload transaction data, and compare in-store transactions

  • Supports offline event data and pushes information into Business Manager accounts so marketers can track both online and offline accounts

  • Supports unique parameters like in-store purchases, lead registrations, and event set descriptions

Facebook Offline Conversions

How Facebook Offline Conversions works

Facebook Offline Conversions are recorded to the Facebook API directly, so you’ll need to have familiarity with it during installation. The conversion events you can send to Facebook are the same as events you can send to the Facebook Pixel from your site. This includes events like Purchase, Lead, CompleteRegistration and others. The main difference is that using Offline Conversions means you can record actions that happen when people aren’t doing things on your site. Each unique event you track will require you to create custom code on a server that populates user information about the person taking the action, and in some cases the revenue collected with that action.

Enter custom details to track offline events such as purchases or leads
Enter custom details to track offline events such as purchases or leads
Facebook Offline Conversions

Get more out of Facebook Offline Conversions with Segment

When you use Segment to install Facebook Offline Conversions, there’s no need to write custom tracking code on top of your existing Segment implementation. The standard OrderCompleted ecommerce event in the Segment Spec gets mapped to Facebook Offline Conversions without any work from you. You can also use the event mapping settings in Segment’s Facebook Offline Conversions integration to trigger other standard Facebook events like Lead and CompleteRegistration based on your existing Segment events. The user data that Facebook uses to match offline events to the right people, like email, name , phone, etc., will need to be included in your Segment calls to make sure that matching works well.

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Integrate Facebook Offline Conversions with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Facebook Offline Conversions.