Performance marketing

  • Integrates with mobile and desktop data to track user metrics, platforms, devices, and user behavior 

  • Tracks digital marketing spend and monitors impressions, clicks, conversions, installs, and media usage

  • Enables customizable domains, multiple tracking domains, and third-party domain masking

  • Supports custom email templates so marketers can update custom affiliate terms and custom advertiser terms before marketing to custom segments

  • Enables cookie and cookie-less pixel tracking so marketers can track postbacks and ad conversion data across channels


How HasOffers works

HasOffers can collect customer data from your site or directly to its API. In either case you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of the Javascript library or API and write code to hook into them. Usually that means grabbing some data when a user hits your site from a tagged link, remembering where they come from as they move through your site, and firing a custom conversion event when the visitors takes important actions.

Enables marketers to create conversion tracking pixels for offers without needing to code
Enables marketers to create conversion tracking pixels for offers without needing to code

Get more out of HasOffers with Segment

Segment makes it dead simple to forward all your customer data through to HasOffers without needing to learn any custom event tracking conventions or write additional code. All you need to do is paste your HasOffers Network ID into the Segment source of the data you need in HasOffers and hit “enable”. The full data stream then gets sent to HasOffers, including user traits, events, page views, etc. All your data will be available in HasOffers to power tracking and analytics. Managing tagged links and campaigns will still happen in HasOffers just as it would if you installed it directly.

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Integrate HasOffers with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up HasOffers.