Drive product-led growth

  • Run PLG experiments and optimise conversions.

  • Get alerted the moment customers need attention.

  • Take actions in the tools you're already using.

  • Capture all your customer data, from your entire tech stack, in one central place.

  • Uncover how healthy each individual customer is at each stage of its lifecycle.

  • Discover what makes your customers engage, or churn.

  • Features 360 customer view, journey progress status, advanced scoring, product-led growth signals, and playbook engagement actions.

How works empowers SaaS companies to turn customer behaviour on their platform and website into playbooks that drive customer acquisition, expansion and retention, at scale. Engagement metrics include health score, feature adoption, customer fit, likelihood-to-buy or -churn. We also allow to define product-qualified lead (PQL) buying, upsell or churn signals that trigger playbook actions, such as pushing messages to Slack, sending notification emails, creating activities in Pipedrive, adding contact to HubSpot automation lists, adding tags to ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp, and so much more...

Track customer progress
Track customer progress
Take actions in the tools you're already using
Take actions in the tools you're already using
Analyze which features drive growth
Analyze which features drive growth

Get more out of with Segment

With Segment, collecting events and data from your Saas platform and website into is a matter of minutes. The moment is connected as a segment destination, events start being recorded for each user and account; and the data catalog is automatically being constructed, ready for product-led signals and actions to be defined. Nothing to develop, no SQL to learn, no data schemes to set up. also fully supports Segment's B2B Specs, which specifies user-account relationships. It all works like magic. Whether to serve sales or customer success, considers the partnership with Segment to be from vital essence to any SaaS company that is serious about driving a product-led growth strategy.

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