Embeddable real-time analytics

  • Collects event data from websites, apps, backend servers, smartphones, and third-party systems like Stripe, Heroku, and SendGrid

  • Personalizes customer experience by supporting custom product listings based on location, device, and environmental information 

  • Supports a charting library and customizable APIs, allowing developers to build native, custom analytics tools 

  • Integrates with third-party platforms to pull customer “health” data based on custom key behavior metrics

  • Provides role-based data access so developers can share analytics with admins or customers

How works is an analytics platform that enables developers to build analytics into their products. Their APIs allow you to stream, analyze, visualize and secure your data.

Installing on its own is similar to installing Segment for the first time. You’ll need to carefully map out your events and user traits to be collected, decide how you’ll use a SDK to collect that data, and perform the necessary implementations into your products. Implementing requires manual additions to your application code. You’ll need to become familiar with the methods of’s API in order to implement code that captures and routes data to for any custom event data you want to track.

Get more out of with Segment

If you are already using Segment, getting started with becomes much simpler and does not require changes to your code. This is because your existing Segment implementation is able to collect and route the information that needs.

Segment’s integration can collect and transform data for directly from web application, mobile applications, and server-side Segment implementations. You can utilize this to remove the need to manually include any new and duplicative code in your applications.

Segment can also be used to automatically load’s JavaScript SDK for you, for device-based collection with all of’s SDK features. When you enable this for in your Segment settings, Segment’s content delivery network is updated within a few minutes to asynchronously load the JavaScript library from onto your pages for you. There is no need to manually install the SDK in your web application, as it will be automatically handled by Segment.

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