Omnichannel Customer Service CRM Platform

  • Designed for personalized conversations between customers and agents, not solving tickets

  • Unifies a customer’s purchase and activity history from all your systems on a single timeline view, so agents have data-driven, actionable conversations without changing screens

  • Provides true omnichannel communication where customers and agents can switch between channels while progressing conversations without losing context or having customers repeat information

  • Uses intelligence to automate complex workflows, conversation queueing and routing, and repetitive, manual tasks

  • Enables customer segmentation for informed proactive engagement by agents, marketing, and platform automation


How Kustomer works

The Kustomer platform provides an extensible data model that enables your customer service team to know everything about your customers. Through the use of custom objects, you can expand the functionality of the platform and make it easy to access, orchestrate, and act on data that is unique to your organization, such as orders, shipping status, and feedback scores. Kustomer’s robust set of RESTful APIs and inbound webhooks makes integrating with all of your systems a seamless process to ingest the desired data and ensure that your agents can deliver the personalized, efficient, and effortless service experience today’s customers expect.


Get more out of Kustomer with Segment

Through this integration, tracking events can be dynamically added from Segment into Kustomer. Segment can perform all data collection tasks for your Kustomer platform. It can capture all the custom data you need and send it directly to Kustomer in the right format, all in real-time. As a result, you can give your agents all of the information they need to have informed, personalized conversations that help your brand, while automating workflows and business rules based on the unique data objects only Kustomer is able to use.

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Integrate Kustomer with Segment

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