LinkedIn Insight Tag

Ad conversion tracking, retargeting, and optimization

  • Creates Javascript tag to track user actions once they click on or view an ad

  • Records website conversions tied to your advertising campaigns, including content downloads, sign-ups, and purchases

  • Enables in-depth campaign reporting with built-in analytics for metrics like conversion rate, return on ad spend, and cost per conversion

  • Allows marketers to retarget users with ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Insight Tag

How the LinkedIn Insight Tag works

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a tag that’s used to track and report conversions that originate from ads you serve on LinkedIn. It requires the installation of a Javascript tag on each page of your website that you want to track. When a customer clicks or views and ad and then preforms a specific action on your site, for example filling out a form, the tag sends information about the conversion event back to LinkedIn. Multiple conversion events can be attached to each campaign. You can also use that data to retarget users on LinkedIn who have previously visited your site. In order for your campaign data to be populated in the analytics dashboard, each of your domains must be added to the platform configuration. You can obtain the tracking tag in your LinkedIn Campaign Manager, but the implementation is often performed by a webmaster or developer who is familiar with the intricacies of your codebase. If the tag is implemented incorrectly, or duplicated on certain pages, then your conversion data will be inaccurate.

Enables marketers to add conversion tracking tag with a few clicks
Enables marketers to add conversion tracking tag with a few clicks
LinkedIn Insight Tag

Get more out of the LinkedIn Insight Tag with Segment

Using Segment, you can send data directly to LinkedIn without needing to manually install extra Javascript on all of your website pages. When you enable the LinkedIn Insight Tag in your Segment settings, it will instruct Segment to route data collected onward to LinkedIn, as if it were collected directly by the Insight Tag. 

To start using it you simply need to add your LinkedIn Data Partner ID to the Segment integration and turn the Destination on. Choosing this implementation route effectively cuts out any need for additional developer resources and eliminates the risk of duplicating tags accidentally on your website (and fouling up your conversion data).

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