Ecommerce marketing automation

  • Migrates customer data from CRMs or POS systems so marketers can analyze user information like location against specific goal metrics like conversions

  • Supports API connection so marketers can enable personalized cross-channel push messages

  • Enables A/B testing so marketers can test and track incremental changes, ROI, and ad performance


How Monetate works

Monetate works through a combination of its Javascript library and personalization engine. The Javascript library collects customer data from your site. Some of this data is collected automatically, and the rest needs to be sent by writing code hooks using the Monetate Javascript library. In many cases, variable data like plan, company, role, and others, need to be pulled from your database. Once the data is collected you’ll define cohorts of visitors and customers in the Monetate interface and tell the system how to customize your site for each cohort. The Javascript library then creates those customizations whenever it sees people who fit into the cohorts you built.

Allows teams to test and segment data from a variety of data sources
Allows teams to test and segment data from a variety of data sources

Get more out of Monetate with Segment

When you use Segment to implement Monetate you can skip straight to building cohorts and customization. You can skip custom event tracking and code writing. In fact, you won’t need to write any custom code on top of a standard Segment implementation of the ecommerce spec. The Monetate Javascript library is loaded in the background as soon as you enable the integration on your Segment website source, automatically. Your ecommerce events will be mapped to Monetate in the formats that it expects without any work from you. There’s even a setting to toggle between the Monetate retail and general API in your integration settings so that you don’t have to worry about the differences between those different ways to send Monetate data.

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Integrate Monetate with Segment

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