Optimizely X

A/B testing and experimentation

  • Provides an easy to use interface to test products, campaigns, search results and other digital experiences across web, mobile web, and apps

  • Uses A/B and multivariate tests to determine the best performing experience or campaign

  • Delivers a “Stats Engine” interface that shows experiment performance and statistical significance to make decisioning simple

  • Features customizable segmentation that allows experiments to be targeted to specific users based on geography, cookie history, or other dimensions

  • Makes updates to your experiments and features in real-time without requiring a code deploy

Optimizely X

How Optimizely X Works

If you have an existing Segment implementation you do not need to install Optimizely’s SDKs in order to use Optimizely X. Your existing Segment implementation is already able to collect and route the required information directly to Optimizely X. Getting started with Optimizely X becomes much simpler and does not require changes to your code when you use Segment. 

A key feature of Segment’s Optimizely X Destination is the ability to send your experiment data back into Segment. This means you can analyze experiment data in any of your other analytics tools. Segment automatically generates a `track` call when an Optimizely experiment runs, and can send the “Experiment Viewed” events to other downstream tools connected to your Segment account. This lets you do deeper funnel analysis in analytics tools or your data warehouse to see the full impact of an experiment. Segment’s backend workflows ensure data to and from your experiments is properly formatted and accurately communicated to other selected Destinations.

Optimizely X

Get more out of Optimizely X with Segment

Optimizely X is an experiment platform that gives you seamless control over A/B experiments with your apps. It aims to make significance testing easy via statistical automation and a graphical user interface. You can use Optimizely X’s visual editor to have the changes reflected in your app in near real-time without needing to deploy new code. To get these features working correctly, Optimizely X will need to be installed client-side by adding a code snippet directly into your site’s code to start running experiments for the web, or by installing the Optimizely X SDK for mobile experimentation. To send conversion events into Optimizely directly, you’ll need to implement event tracking alongside advertising pixels, email marketing tools, analytics tools, attribution tools and others. You’ll need to consult a mobile or web developer to make sure that you’ve implemented it correctly.

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