Advertising management software

  • Predicts optimal advertising investments with the QuanticMind Decision Engine

  • Runs advanced algorithms that operate on highly granular customer data

  • Tracks campaign success with up-to-the-minute reports straight from Facebook

  • Works fast with a distributed data architecture


How QuanticMind works

QuanticMind is powered by algorithms that perform optimizations to improve search and social advertising. To give those systems the data required to take action effectively, you’ll need to install a Javascript library from QuanticMind onto your site, and configure it accordingly. Like many advertising engines, the technical details of the QuanticMind Javascript library (methods, and data format) can be somewhat obscure and require a thorough understanding to use every feature. At a high level, it involves configuring labels and pixels, and the setup process usually requires working with a professional solutions team to data flowing.


Get more out of QuanticMind with Segment

Having Segment makes implementation of QuanticMind simple. If you’re recording events with Segment, you can forward data you collect to QuanticMind by enabling event mappings within the Segment user interface. The QuanticMind integration settings let you specify the label you want to fire to QuanticMind, and map it to a corresponding Segment event. If you’re not collecting an event yet, the Segment track  method is simple and easy for a developer to hook into user activity on your site. Then you can map the new event in your settings, and it’ll get forwarded to QuanticMind. You can get all of the data necessary to use QuanticMind without having to go through a complicated implementation process.

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Integrate Quanticmind with Segment

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