RadiumOne Connect

Programmatic advertising

  • Builds personalized marketing messages for your brand and runs in-app campaigns

  • Drives your users to the content they want deep within your app on first launch, in the app store, or on a website with “Deferred Deep Linking”

  • Tracks user interactions and analyzes behaviors in granular detail with segmentation, funnel, retention, cohort, revenue and comparison reports

  • Models your audiences, drives awareness, acquires new users and engages existing or lapsed customers with ads in 3rd-party media, using the real-time data captured from your app

RadiumOne Connect

How RadiumOne Connect works

RadiumOne Connect works by collecting data from your users’ devices as they use your app, by means of the RadiumOne Connect SDKs. This requires installing and configuring the SDKs in your applications, and learning the proper functions to record custom events. Then the custom events need to be installed in the code, and any variable data needed for your events needs to be dynamically pulled from your databases. Most of the value of RadiumOne Connect comes after you’ve got data into the tool, as that marks when you can start using the reports and other features. Once the SDK is installed into your app, you will begin collecting basic data.

RadiumOne Connect

Get more out of RadiumOne Connect with Segment

When you use Segment to power your RadiumOne Connect implementation, most of the data collection work is done for you. As long as you’ve got Segment up and running, there’s little or no additional configuration needed. You will need to bundle the RadiumOne Connect SDK into your app; with Segment this means editing just a single line of code and re-building the Segment SDKs before your next release. All the device information that RadiumOne Connect needs is collected by Segment and passed through to the tool in the format it expects. Your Segment events and event properties will be recorded in RadiumOne Connect without any additional configuration.

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Integrate RadiumOne Connect with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up RadiumOne Connect.