Retina provides accurate customer-level lifetime value metrics at or before the first transaction.

  • Early: Customer Lifetime Value is calculated at or before a customer’s first purchase.

  • Accurate: Proprietary lifetime value algorithms produce scores that are 2.28x more accurate (or more) than top competitors at full maturity.

  • Quick: Without a model training phase, Retina can deliver scores in less than 24 hours.

  • Versatile: Easily integrate with any customer-level report or analysis, and measure customer health across any company initiative. For specific use cases, check out


How Retina works

Retina is a backend customer intelligence platform that calculates CLV with world-class accuracy. What makes our offering unique is twofold. We score on the customer level, allowing you to make marketing decisions on the individual level rather than making sweeping generalizations about your customers based on cohorts. We also score at first purchase, allowing you to optimize your marketing campaigns faster than ever before, saving time and money.


Get more out of Retina with Segment

With Segment, you can easily send information about order and customer events to Retina. Once this pipeline has been established, Retina can seamlessly score your customer base and provide cutting-edge customer lifetime value scores directly back into Segment. These scores can then be used to inform your most important marketing initiatives.

Leveraging both Retina’s scoring and Segment’s ease of integration is a surefire way to improve your ROAS and the overall customer health of the business.

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