Customer success platform

  • Monitors customer health based on feature usage, engagement, license utilization and more

  • Centralizes information across data sources into a single customer profiles including overall health, behavior, email engagement, product usage, support tickets, NPS score, and current subscriptions

  • Sends alerts via Slack when customer health or usage frequency change

  • Automates personalized nurturing programs to help drive product adoption

  • Measures the performance of your customer success strategy overtime with smart reports


How Salesmachine works

Salesmachine is a customer success platform. It monitors your customer health and informs your customer success team which customers need attention, why and how to deploy strategies to onboard, retain and grow them. That means all the relevant information about all your customers and accounts needs to be recorded in Salesmachine to make the most of it. Salesmachine offers several libraries for recording customer data and events, your developers will have to learn their APIs and data models to get up and running

Provides sales dashboard so teams can access alerts, tasks, open campaigns, and workflows with a few clicks
Provides sales dashboard so teams can access alerts, tasks, open campaigns, and workflows with a few clicks

Get more out of Salesmachine with Segment

Segment offers many different libraries to collect your customer data already, so you don’t have to learn a new API or data model in order to make additional integrations work, like Salesmachine. The same customer data you collect with a standard Segment implementation will supply all the data you need for Salesmachine, automatically. Segment passes your customer data through to Salesmachine from web, mobile, or your server.

Everything happens from the Segment server so there’s no extra Javascript library on your page or additional SDKs to bundle in your mobile app. With Segment you’ll get more than just web or mobile analytics. You can set up email events to see when people open and click emails, enrich customer profiles with Clearbit, or pipe in NPS scores automatically. By installing Salesmachine through its Segment integration, you’re effectively augmenting its data processing power by being able to add even more data to the tool than you would natively…all without needing to code any additional setup.

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Integrate Salesmachine with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Salesmachine.