Affiliate marketing

  • Enables real-time tracking on affiliate marketing banners

  • Uses tags to automate group segmenting and communication so teams can track trends, set up rule-based commissions, and send newsletters or bonuses to tagged groups

  • Supports “clickstream report” so teams can see user clicks prior to purchase

  • Enables auto-void returns and real-time voiding or editing so merchants to automate affiliate approval or decline


How ShareASale works

Installing ShareASale directly involves pasting a snippet on all your pages so it can record where your visitors come from and tag all visits from an affiliate. When those visitors make a purchase on your site, the transaction details need to be sent to ShareASale so it can pay affiliates correctly. Instrumenting this conversion tracking will require help from a developer or some heavy lifting in a tag manager. Finally, creating leads in ShareASale also requires more development time in order to grab the User ID and send through to ShareASale using its Javascript API.


Get more out of ShareASale with Segment

When you use Segment there’s no need to install a snippet or write any code to get ShareASale up and running. Grab your Merchant ID from your ShareASale account and paste it into the Segment ShareASale integration settings. That’s it! Segment will use your existing implementation to record transactions whenever someone triggers an Order Completed event. You can also create leads in ShareASale for any customers who get tagged with a User ID via the identify call.

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Integrate ShareASale with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up ShareASale.