Snapchat Audiences

User acquisition, Ad retargeting

  • Drives user acquisition from the Snapchat platform

  • Supports audience uploads that can be used to target and suppress customers

  • Create lookalike audiences based on uploaded audiences

Snapchat Audiences

How Snapchat Audiences Works

Segment’s Snapchat Audiences integration is available for Personas customers only. In order to use Snapchat Audiences, Personas customers must connect the Snapchat Audiences destination to their selected Personas audience(s) from the Personas UI. Once connected, the Personas audience will appear in Snapchat’s Ads Manager for users to retarget, suppress, or create Lookalike Audiences. From there, Segment Personas will automatically update audiences in Snapchat as users enter and leave audiences.

Snapchat Audiences

Get more out of Snapchat Audiences with Segment

Segment’s Snapchat Audiences integration is available for Personas customers only. Request a demo to learn more.

Using Snapchat Audiences with Personas enables you to:

  • Streamline and automate workflows for audience creation and management

  • Improve advertising efficiency with real-time retargeting and suppression

  • Increase reach with optimized match rates from accurate, comprehensive customer profiles

  • Drive acquisition via Lookalike Audiences based on high-quality Personas audiences

Personas offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create Audiences that can sync directly to Snapchat Ads. Every time new customers are added to that audience, it will be automatically updated in Snapchat. This ensures that your suppression and retargeting audiences stay fresh, and prevents you from having to manually update audiences in the Snapchat platform.

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