Automated analytics reporting and notification

  • Automates and sends email and browser-based alerts whenever there are product crises, traffic spikes, increased returning visitors, or other custom events

  • Sends automated messages to custom audience segments after a new action or event is performed

  • Compiles and sends real-time user data, allowing marketers to respond with direct messages or browser-based communication

  • Gathers third-party data to track audience behavior from Facebook, Twitter, or other third-party applications


How Spinnakr works

Installing Spinnakr is similar to installing Segment for the first time. You’ll need to map out your events and user traits to be collected, decide which libraries and SDKs you need to collect that data, and install them into your products. For JavaScript, in order to activate tracking by Spinnakr’s servers you must insert a code snippet into each element on each page you wish to be tracked. Tracking occurs when a visitor’s Web browser executes the Spinnakr JavaScript and pings the Spinnakr servers. Custom visitor data or custom events can be added, but require the implementation of additional code.


Get more out of Spinnakr with Segment

If you are already using Segment, getting started with Spinnakr becomes very simple and only requires you to enter a few settings in the Segment user interface. This is because your existing Segment implementation can collect the information that Spinnakr needs.

When you enable Spinnakr in your Segment settings, Segment’s content delivery network is updated within 5-10 minutes. Once that happens, Segment will know to load JavaScript from Spinnakr onto your page whenever it is loaded. This means there is no need to install any Spinnakr code in your web application. Spinnakr will start automatically tracking data within your existing Segment implementation, and you can get started using Spinnakr right away.

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