Intuitive analytics and data visualization

  • Provides customizable, dynamic analytics dashboards so businesses can drag-and-drop data into columns and rows

  • Pivots, splits, and manages metadata from third-party data sources, so businesses can pull from SQL databases, cloud apps like Salesforce, and spreadsheets

  • Builds calculations based on forecasts, trend lines, geographic information, and orders it by custom categories like priority, label, or market

  • Offers Tableau Server and the ability to deploy data on Public Cloud with AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud


How Tableau works

Tableau software is a family of analytics tools designed to help users across an organization see and understand their data. Tableau is a powerful business intelligence platform, but it’s up to you to input the right data in the right format in order for it to become useful. Tableau accepts structured data from a wide variety of inputs, including from analytic data warehouses such as AWS Redshift. To connect to Tableau using a service like Redshift, you will need the name of the server that hosts the database you want to connect to, the database name, your credentials, and any SSL flags. Furthermore, depending on the environment in which you are running Tableau, you may need to install a software driver to enable a connection to your database type.


Get more out of Tableau with Segment

If you have a data warehouse with Segment, you can quickly and easily connect your Segment data to Tableau in just a few minutes. All of the data you have collected with Segment can be loaded into your warehouse, and thereby you have the potential to view and interact with all of your data within Tableau. This includes data across all of your Segment data sources: websites, mobile apps, servers, and even other cloud sources. Enabling Tableau with Segment does not require any administration beyond entering your account details to enable the connection, and no additional software is required.

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Integrate Tableau with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Tableau.