Cloud integration

  • Supports drag-and-drop editor to add conditional branching and looping when creating integrations between integrations

  • Provides pre-built “Quick Start” workflows so teams can “Click & Run” to open opportunities, loop in team members, and integrate with third-party platforms with a few clicks

  • Supports over 50 “community connectors” like Play, Python, or Node.js

  • Integrates workflow trigger additions with third-party platforms, so teams can control when to run a new workflow based on a custom or built-in trigger such as scheduled input, Salesforce notification, or Webhook

How works is a business integrations tool that lets you easily connect many cloud apps and other services to share data across tools or trigger actions between one tool and another. The workflow for building automations is simple. You choose a trigger, like receiving a task being closed in a productivity tool, then choose an action, like recording a Segment event for each task closed. also has a “loop” capability that lets you parse through lists of things so you can take multiple actions or record lists of data. This is just an example and there are limitless use cases for if you’ve got the time to build connections between each app.

Get more out of with Segment

Segment offers a integration that can be used as a workflow trigger, so whenever an event happens it can set off a workflow. You’ll have all of Segment’s event data available to be passed along, including event name, properties, contextual information, and userId if it was set at the time of the event. To make sure your account isn’t bombarded with every single event, there’s an event mapping interface in the Segment integration where you can specify which events should be forwarded to, and the URL endpoint where they should be sent to kick off the right workflow.

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