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Your customer is everything. Gain clarity into customer needs and grow your business with Sprig.

Sprig offers two products that enable teams to conduct research early and often across the product development lifecycle:

  1. In-Product Surveys that are embedded into your product to understand what's working and not working with currently available features and products.

  2. Unmoderated Concept and Usability Testing to test new ideas, designs, and prototypes by sharing static or interactive Figma prototypes with users for feedback.

Sprig is different from other research platforms in that it:

  • Is built on an event-based architecture that allows for precise user targeting.

  • Uses smart, AI-driven analysis of open text and voice responses.

  • Offers Enterprise-grade security, support, and reliability.

  • Has unlimited seats.

  • Integration options that can help you augment your research strategy.

Sprig Cloud

Direct Sprig SDK integration

Sprig provides web and mobile SDKs that require developers to install and configure so the right events and data are sent to Sprig. Each new event or attribute you want to track to use for study targeting requires additional developer time. It can be difficult to secure developer resources for ongoing installation needs, which often slows down the research process. This can be challenging when quick-turnaround research needs arise.

Powerful insights in a simple dashboard
Powerful insights in a simple dashboard
Advanced study targeting to reach specific audiences
Advanced study targeting to reach specific audiences
Best-in-class study response text analysis using proprietary artificial intelligence
Best-in-class study response text analysis using proprietary artificial intelligence
Sprig Cloud

Sprig Cloud integration with Segment

With no changes to your code, you can begin sending user attributes and events to Sprig in a few clicks.

If you’ve already installed the Sprig SDK, integrating with Segment gives you instant access to any user attributes or events to use in targeting studies on any platform (web, mobile, email, or link).

If you’re new to Sprig, integrating with Segment means you can immediately launch targeted email and link studies to send to your users based on their behavior in your product or user profiles. For an even more powerful integration, you can install our Web, iOS, Android, or React Native SDK in minutes and bring in-product microsurveys into your experience.

Sprig (Actions) integration with Segment

Depending on your needs, you may want to use the Sprig (Actions) integration alongside or instead of this Sprig Cloud integration. This integration can capture events from JavaScript web and mobile device mode sources, as well as cloud/server-side sources, while Sprig (Actions) is limited to JavaScript web device mode sources. However, Sprig (Actions) can install the Sprig SDK and trigger studies on web, while this integration can only use events to filter, not trigger, studies, and the Sprig SDK must still be installed separately to show studies on web.

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