Cross-channel marketing automation and attribution

  • Supports multi-channel marketing automation, so marketers can automate triggered emails, SMS messages, paid search advertising, or browser messages

  • Enables cross-channel attribution so marketers can see impact metrics about new customers, loyal customers, first purchases, new purchases, and repeat customers

  • Supports cross-category attributions, so marketers can connect and track customer interactions with key metrics like purchases, shopping cart abandonment, or custom events


How Zaius works

Zaius is a tool that helps you engage with customers throughout the customer journey. That means every event and user trait must be sent to the tool for you to make the most of it. There are a few options for getting data in: a Javascript library, mobile SDKs, and an HTTP API. Similar to a Segment implementation, most people start with Javascript on their site and add on mobile SDKs or server-side API updates as needed. In all cases, getting started with Zaius will involve learning how to use the Zaius API to track events in your code.


Get more out of Zaius with Segment

When you install Segment and switch on the Zaius integration, you bypass the need to learn the Zaius API workings, or the special event names that are specific to Zaius. Your Segment implementation is already handling the data collection step for you, and it allows you to send data to hundreds of tools like Zaius. The Zaius integration catches the raw data directly from the Segment server, so there’s no additional Javascript libraries loading on your site when you use Zaius via Segment. That also means that all your most essential Segment data can be passed to Zaius, including page views, identified traits, and tracked events.

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Integrate Zaius with Segment

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