Referral marketing and campaign optimization

  • Builds referral and influencer campaigns that enable your customers to refer friends to your brand through email and social media

  • Enables multivariate testing of creative, copy, and rewards for each campaign so marketers can select the top performing variation

  • Tracks and attributes referral activity including shares, clicks, and purchase events

  • Measures program and campaign performance across your conversion funnel in the Friendbuy platform and automates the reward fulfillment process


How Friendbuy Works

Integrating Friendbuy with your site is most commonly done through their JavaScript library. By adding Friendbuy’s library and a few feature specific snippets to your site, you can load widgets, track purchases and products, and cookie users for referral attribution, all directly from your site.  Once your program is integrated, you can design new widgets, setup A/B tests, and monitor referral activity directly from Friendbuy’s product interface.


Get more out of Friendbuy with Segment

Friendbuy is both a Destination and a Source for Segment. As a Destination, Friendbuy’s JavaScript snippets are automatically loaded and executed via Segment’s analytics.js library.  This eliminates the need to have your developer manually add and manage Friendbuy’s code directly on your site. Enabling the integration will automatically map your existing Segment page calls to facilitate loading Friendbuy’s widgets, map your existing Segment identify calls to facilitate Friendbuy tracking a customer, and map your existing Segment track calls to facilitate Friendbuy tracking orders.

Friendbuy is also available as a Segment Source, which means that Segment can also ingest data from Friendbuy. Whenever a referral is shared, converted, or evaluated for a reward, Friendbuy will automatically let Segment know through real-time posts to our HTTP API.  Segment can then forward those events along to other connected Destinations, including your data warehouse. This means you can join your referral data with all your other marketing event data to tell a more complete story of a user’s journey. You can see the documentation for the Friendbuy Source here.

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