Cloud-communication for SMS, voice, and messaging apps

  • Enables developers to integrate multi-channel communications like bulk SMS, iOS, and web push messages with a unified API

  • Powers and monitors two-way text and voice communications across SMS, phone, and third-party messaging services like Facebook, Slack, and HipChat

  • Provides customization tools so teams can choose themes and adjust UI elements for on-brand multi-channel and multi-party conversions

  • Provides clean phone numbers and white routes so teams can use screened numbers and network providers for seamless message deployment


How Twilio works

To install Twilio, you’ll need familiarity with its REST API. The Twilio REST API allows you to query meta-data about your account, phone numbers, calls, text messages, and recordings. You can also initiate outbound calls and send text messages. In addition to getting started with Twilio, it’s important to consider how you’ll tie resulting data from Twilio in with the rest of your analytics processes. Simply put, you need to consider “what happens next?"

If you use Twilio to power customer communications, a lot of that data is probably siloed away from other information that’s important to your business, like what those customers are doing on your website or app before and after they’re contacted via Twilio. Pulling these data silos together is not an easy task. You’ll need to write various custom ETL processes that grab data from Twilio’s export APIs and load it into your warehouse in a data schema that you’ll have to design yourself.


Get more out of Twilio with Segment

When you use Segment, the Twilio data you need to power analysis is loaded into your warehouse automatically, with no developer work required. The data is transformed and loaded in a format that was designed, tested, and is constantly being optimized by thousands of analysts who use Segment-powered warehouses every day. All you need to do is authenticate the Twilio cloud app source in Segment to try it out yourself.

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