TV Squared

TV attribution and measurement

  • Pulls same-day TV performance analytics so advertisers can manage TV spend and create data-driven TV media plans based on network, days, programs, and genres

  • Builds customizable reports so advertisers can analyze TV performance results based on spot, campaign, and core metrics like channel, conversions, and cost-per-conversion

  • Measures impact of TV ad performance in the days, weeks, and months following airings

  • Analyzes media spend, online and offline marketing, seasonality and competitor activity

TV Squared

How TV Squared works

TV Squared tracks hits (pageviews) with its Basic Hit Tracker, and actions (events) with its Action Tracker. Both trackers are a piece of JavaScript code that you will need to implement in every page of your applications. This code only works to send data to TV Squared, and is required in addition to any other tracking code you have installed.

TV Squared

Get more out of TV Squared with Segment

You can use Segment to automatically load the necessary TV Squared code onto your Segment-tracked sites, thereby skipping the need for you to install any new Javascript code manually. When you enable the TV Squared integration in your Segment settings, Segment automatically maps all of the data you are already collecting with Segment to TV Squared, in the format that they expect. Just configure your settings and you don’t need to install any new code to start using TV Squared.

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Integrate TV Squared with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up TV Squared.