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Use Segment’s Customer Data Maturity Model to evaluate your data strategy and receive actionable recommendations on how to improve.

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Segment has helped thousands of companies improve their data maturity. We evaluate data maturity across four core competencies: Collect, Synthesize, Act and Adapt.

How widely and reliably do you collect
your customer data?

Segment’s Customer Data Maturity Model

You can only create exceptional customer experiences by investing in your customer data infrastructure. Companies that use customer data effectively can deliver better experiences, make better decisions, and more easily achieve their growth goals.

We use these four core competencies to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to data maturity:










How you collect your customer data.

Evaluating data collection involves looking at how complete, reliable, and standardized your customer data foundation is.


How you synthesize
your customer data.

Synthesis is about turning data points into insights. Best-in-class synthesis means you can achieve a complete view of your customer, make accurate, trusted, audiences and customer profiles accessible to all teams, and generate insights from the data.

Adapt Act

How you take action using your data.

The ability to take action on your customer data means customer interactions are personalized consistently in real time across all channels, resulting in lower customer acquisition costs and increased loyalty and customer lifetime value.

Adapt Adapt

How you adapt to changes in your business or industry.

Adaptable customer data means it’s universally accessible, and easy to manage and change as new technologies emerge.