Driving sales starts with the right data.

Personalization isn’t just a buzzword. It works. But to tailor your shopper experiences—including every message on every channel—you need your data in order. That’s where Segment comes in.

Segment’s interface has allowed non-technical people at Trunk Club to adjust integration configurations without the need for any developers. Almost 100 people including product managers, engineers, and marketers are making decisions with data collected by Segment.
Jason Block, Senior Software Engineer at Trunk Club

Retail industry leaders choose Segment:

Convert browsers into buyers.

Optimize the shopping experience and drive purchases by analyzing user behavior and finding areas for experimentation.

Deliver personalized experiences across all channels.

Tailor your reengagement marketing using the full history of every customer interaction with your brand.

Keep up with rapidly changing shopper behavior and preferences.

Complete your view of the customer journey by pulling together data across web, mobile web, mobile apps, email and support interactions.

Target customers, and increase loyalty and LTV.

Identify the characteristics of your highest value customers, then deliver loyalty-reinforcing promotions wherever they’re shopping.

Measure how digital efforts impact in-store sales.

Marry your digital data with your internal systems to tie together users and campaigns that start online and end in-store.

Use Segment to integrate top tools for retailers.


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