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Real-time data streamer and analyzer

Amazon Kinesis

  • Enables you to query streaming data

  • Allows developers to build custom applications to analyze streaming data, generate alerts, automate pricing and advertising, etc.

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Segment makes it easy to set up Amazon Kinesis

How Amazon Kinesis works

Amazon Kinesis Streams allow you to ingest real-time data from various sources, such as your application logs or website clickstreams, and format it for your databases and data warehouses. You can then leverage this data stream to power real-time applications. To use Amazon Kinesis you need to configure a Kinesis Stream. Amazon AWS offers some Kinesis API libraries and SDKs in popular code languages, and if you use them you will need to implement the appropriate library into your code for each property you want to track. Alternatively, you can use more advanced methods to access the API directly.


Get more out of Amazon Kinesis with Segment

Using Amazon Kinesis with Segment enables you to skip the installation of a Kinesis library and allows you to limit making other modifications to your code. Rather, by configuring your Segment integration for Amazon Kinesis, you instruct Segment to capture and relay all of the information to Kinesis in the format that Kinesis expects. The Segment AWS Kinesis integration supports all of the Segment methods, and will send data from any one of the Segment libraries.

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Segment makes it easy to set up Amazon Kinesis

Getting Started with Segment

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