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Programmatic advertising tool for publishers and buyers


  • Automates bids based on machine learning algorithms studying available inventory, user behavior, and advertiser preferences in real-time

  • Streamlines targeting tactics by enabling automatic bid decisions based on event and trigger data

  • Gives buyers priority access to header bids before they’re released to third-party platforms like DoubleClick

  • Provides 130 attribute metrics for each purchased impression to provide deep insights into ad performance over time

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Segment makes it easy to set up AppNexus

How AppNexus works

AppNexus is built on top of a platform using the AppNexus API, which allows you to send and retrieve data from AppNexus, as well as configure tracking and segmentation pixels using JavaScript code. To use AppNexus, you will need to write custom code that makes use of particular calls to the AppNexus API for each conversion tracking event and user identification you wish to record.


Get more out of AppNexus with Segment

Since Segment already tracks all of the data that AppNexus needs, you can use your existing Segment tracking code to send data to AppNexus. The result is that you don’t need to do any additional installation or duplicate instrumentation of tracking code to use AppNexus.

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Segment makes it easy to set up AppNexus

Getting Started with Segment

Segment is the infrastructure for your customer data. Use one API to unlock 200+ tools for every team in your company. With Segment, developers can stop building tedious and expensive one-off data integrations while business users can get straight to work, turning on their favorite apps right from the Segment dashboard.