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Digital advertising and retargeting


  • Automates, optimizes, and places Google Shopping ad campaigns in front of 1.2 billion monthly users based on custom constraints like user intent, product type or device type

  • Enables creation and placement of native ads on retail sites using “Brand 360,” an attribution feature that uses closed-loop SKU-level sales data so advertisers can track sales outcomes

  • Maximizes advertiser revenue by connecting inventory directly to Criteo’s demand using header bidding

  • Retargets dynamic ads across Facebook and Instagram using machine learning to analyze user behavior and suggest products to customers

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Segment makes it easy to set up Criteo

How Criteo works

Criteo is built to help you track key conversion events and details. In order to track these events and details, Criteo requires the installation of JavaScript code to collect the relevant information and format it in the manner that Criteo accepts. For example, to track when a user opens your mobile application, you will need to add Criteo’s viewHome tag to the appropriate place in your application’s code base. Typically, implementation of Criteo tags will require development effort from your mobile development teams, and any Criteo code you implement will sit alongside other tracking code you have installed.


Get more out of Criteo with Segment

Segment’s Criteo integration simplifies data collection from mobile devices. By enabling the Criteo integration in your Segment settings, you eliminate the need to add any Criteo code tags to your application. Rather, by simply naming your events in accordance to Segment’s mobile spec, Segment will know how to automatically route all your data directly to Criteo from Segment’s servers. This saves you from adding any additional code to your applications, and makes getting started with Criteo much faster.

Segment uses the context fields that are automatically captured with the Segment mobile SDKs to populate Criteo’s tags with your app’s name, your user’s language, and properties like locale, userId, deviceType and deviceId. All you need to do is make sure that the event names and properties match up.

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Segment makes it easy to set up Criteo

Getting Started with Segment

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