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Referral marketing


  • Develops “advocate profiles” by pulling data from social networks and first-party platforms and monitors top sharers, influencers, and top revenue generators

  • Optimizes personalized referral marketing campaigns based on customizable themes

  • Captures and tracks omnichannel referrals and conversions so teams can track campaign performance and reward loyal customers

  • Deploys on-brand gift cards, coupons, account credit, or loyalty points to advocates who refer friends in store, or via mobile, web, or email

  • Integrates with APIs to connect and push omnichannel data to customers on web or mobile

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Segment makes it easy to set up Extole

How Extole works

Extole is powered by its referral engine that keeps track of all referrals and whether or not people convert after being referred. Its client-side Javascript library collects referral sources and conversion events that happen on your site. You’ll need to install the library across your site so that no matter where a referral lands, the library can tag them. A developer will need to write custom code hooks into the Extole library to identify visitors when they become known to you by registering or providing their email, and again when they take important actions or complete a purchase. 


Get more out of Extole wth Segment

When you use Segment to power your Extole implementation, you don’t need to write any custom code outside of a standard Segment set up. When you enable the Extole integration, its Javascript library will start loading in the background on all pages where Segment is installed. As soon as your site(s) identify a visitor, that information is cached by Segment and passed through all events that follow. Those events and user information are translated to the format Extole expects and recorded to the tool. In the Extole integration settings you can also map any existing Segment events to the Extole purchase conversion and the conversion pixel will fire whenever that event happens, again with the user information attached automatically. 

By using Segment’s integration to install Extole you can entirely skip the development process and save time for your technical resources, not to mention reduce duplicative event tracking code on your site(s).

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Segment makes it easy to set up Extole

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