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Long-tail keyword generator


  • Generates long-tail keyword ideas based on custom keyword phrases like “marketing firm,” “editing service,” or “design studio”

  • Analyzes web traffic and outlines “suggested hot keywords” to use to improve web traffic

  • Supports to-do list so teams can add long-tail keywords to “keyword portfolio” for at-a-glance access

  • Enables “SEO checker” tool to search for on-page SEO issues and suggests best practices to implement for higher Google rankings

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Segment makes it easy to set up HitTail

How HitTail works

Installing Hittail isn’t too complicated, but does require code changes on your site. You’ll need to grab the snippet from the Hittail account and paste it into all the pages on your site where you need Hittail to load. That usually means a developer will need to install Hittail on your site for you.


Get more out of HitTail with Segment

When you install Hittail using Segment, all you have to do is copy-paste your site ID. Grab the ID from your Hittail account and paste it into the integration settings for your Segment website source. The Segment Javascript library will start loading Hittail in the background within a few minutes. No code changes are required.

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Segment makes it easy to set up HitTail

Getting Started with Segment

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