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Real-time game analytics


  • Optimizes player acquisition and experience by calculating lifetime value and supporting A/B test communications

  • Sends automated retargeting campaigns to custom audience segments based on constraints like skill level after a custom event like “devactivation” is triggered

  • Automates push notifications to custom segments to reengage lost players

  • Monitors customer retention, engagement, and monetization so marketers can analyze their game’s performance

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Segment makes it easy to set up Exponea

How Exponea works

Installing Exponea on its own is similar to installing Segment for the first time. You’ll need to carefully map out your events and user traits to be collected, decide how you’ll use an Exponea SDK to collect that data, and perform the necessary implementations into your products. Implementing Exponea requires manual adjustments to your application code. You’ll need to become familiar with the methods of Exponea’s API in order to implement code that captures and routes data to Exponea for any custom events you want to track.


Get more out of Exponea with Segment

If you have an existing Segment implementation, you do not need to install any Exponea code in order to use Exponea.  This is because your existing Segment implementation is already able to collect and route the data needed for Exponea directly. Getting started with Exponea becomes much simpler and does not require any additions to your application code.

Segment’s integration can collect and transform data for Exponea directly from web applications, mobile applications, and server-side Segment implementations. If all the events you want to track are being captured by Segment, this removes the need for you to include any Exponea code in your applications at all. You get all the benefits of tracking with Exponea, without any of the time and labor costs associated with adding new code to your applications.

Exponea offers instructions on how to start using Exponea with Segment directly in their documentation.

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Segment makes it easy to set up Exponea

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