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Cloud-based monitoring


  • Provides 24/7 monitoring and live dashboards for AWS, Heroku, Collectd, or AppHarbor

  • Tracks differences between current and historical data and supports mathematical transformations, so times series can become custom metrics

  • Supports plottable events on paid accounts, so users can mark events and annotate with links and descriptions for clearer monitoring

  • Enables custom metrics correlations on paid accounts, so users can compare and overlay events 

  • Automates alerts on stopped or paused data and notifies third-party services, so developers can send in-app notifications 

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Segment makes it easy to set up Librato

How Librato works

Librato is a hosted monitoring platform designed for custom metrics. It consists of a scalable and redundant storage tier that is optimized for time series data and relevant tooling. You may have the option to send data to Librato via any of their native integrations, but otherwise you will have to install new code to collect data and POST directly to Librato’s RESTful API from your application.


Get more out of Librato with Segment

You can use your existing Segment installation to handle all of the data collection steps automatically, removing the need to install new code to interact with Librato. When you enable Librato in your Segment settings, Segment is updated within 5-10 minutes with a custom Librato provider inside analytics.js. You can then configure your settings to use the API to record custom events in the manner you see fit, all without changes to your code.

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Segment makes it easy to set up Librato

Getting Started with Segment

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