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Mobile and web security


  • Monitors web and social apps to detect and prevent cyber-bullying, hate speech, or trolling

  • Prevents catfishing, financial fraud, and ToS violations by tagging and automatically identifying potential frauds and suspicious sellers

  • Integrates with social networks to block phishing, pornography, or solicitation

  • Identifies and blocks fake accounts, account takeovers, or spearphishing on large social networking sites 

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Segment makes it easy to set up Smyte

How Smyte works

Smyte needs event data directly from your application. To get that data, Smyte has several integrations with data warehouses and data hubs (like Segment) that don't require any code. Alternatively, you can use Smyte’s web and mobile client SDKs or their server-side REST API to send events directly from your app. Implementing Smyte with their SDKs or API is more complicated and requires custom development time.


Get more out of Smyte with Segment

Using Segment eliminates the need to install any additional code to use Smyte. Segment’s analytics.js library or mobile SDKs can collect all of the data that Smyte needs, and the data is sent directly to Smyte’s servers from Segment’s servers. This not only accelerates the time it takes to get up and running with Smyte, it also makes your code more efficient and secure.

Smyte works with events from both your clients and your servers, so you don’t need to be using a particular Segment SDK. However, the more data you provide Smyte from as many platforms you can, the more effective their technology becomes. Segment makes it easy to package all of your data together as one unified input stream for Smyte.

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Segment makes it easy to set up Smyte

Getting Started with Segment

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