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Mobile marketing automation


  • Unifies cross-platform user behavior to report on user events and attributes such as products added to cart, geographic location, device type, or campaigns engaged with

  • Automates push notifications, in-app messages, and A/B tests based on event triggers or user segments

  • Supports message personalization so brands can use Segment data to insert relevant user information

  • Enables custom retargeting campaigns based on previous campaigns and engagement

  • Integrates with other marketing platforms such as Salesforce, Oracle, SendGrid, and Boomtrain for cross-channel marketing coordination

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Segment makes it easy to set up Swrve

How Swrve Works

Swrve is a powerful tool for analytics and mobile messaging, but to get the most of it you’ll need to send it a lot of customer data. First, the SDK needs to be configured and installed into your iOS and Android apps. Configuration is a bit more involved than some tools since there are various features that impact the overall user experience such as A/B testing, in-app messaging, and push notifications. Swrve needs to know who your users are, what they’re doing in your app, and what messages they interact with in order to effectively and accurately trigger and personalize messages. Your Android and iOS developers will need to get familiar with the Swrve SDKs and methods for tracking customer data. They will also need to map each event and user property that your marketing team will want to use for segmentation and personalization. With a direct line to your customers’ phones, it’s critical to get the implementation right.

Monitors app event based on status, segment, and time
Monitors app event based on status, segment, and time


Get More out of Swrve with Segment

When you turn on Swrve in Segment and bundle it into your Segment SDK, all your screen views, user traits, and event data gets mapped and forwarded to Swrve in the format that it expects. Segment handles all of the conversions for you. Swrve analytics are available out of the box with no additional configuration, and just a quick set up if you want to use their push notifications or in-app messaging. However, you’ll still save on development time since your team won’t need to learn or work with the Swrve SDKs or APIs directly.

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Segment makes it easy to set up Swrve

Getting Started with Segment

Segment is the infrastructure for your customer data. Use one API to unlock 200+ tools for every team in your company. With Segment, developers can stop building tedious and expensive one-off data integrations while business users can get straight to work, turning on their favorite apps right from the Segment dashboard.