Segment makes it easy to set up TrafficGuard.

TrafficGuard detects, mitigates, and reports on ad fraud before it hits digital advertising budgets. Three formidable layers of protection block both general invalid traffic and sophisticated invalid traffic to ensure that digital advertising results in legitimate advertising engagement.

Security & Fraud

Send data to TrafficGuard

The TrafficGuard integration allows you to instantly send any customer data to TrafficGuard.


The Segment-TrafficGuard integration can receive data from the following sources:


Analytics.js javascript library


Server-side libraries like Node, Go, PHP, Ruby


Our iOS and Android libraries


Each method describes a distinct type of information about a customer.
The TrafficGuard integration supports the following Segment API methods:


The track API call is how you record any actions your users perform, along with any properties that
 describe the action.


The identify API call ties a customer and their actions
 to a recognizable ID and traits like their email,
 name, etc.


The page/screen API call lets you record whenever a user views a pages in a browser, or a screen in a mobile app, along with any properties of that page/screen.


The group API call is how you associate an individual user with a group—be it a company, organization, account, project, team, etc.


The alias API call is used to merge two user identities, for example when tying a user’s behavior before and after signing up.

Further research

Still have questions? Here are a few useful resources for you to dig a little deeper.


Check out our documentation for detailed help on setting up TrafficGuard.


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