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Urban Airship

  • Automates real-time mobile notifications based on event triggers, so marketers can create rule limits, conditions, and cancellation events to automate message delivery 

  • Supports deep linking, landing page templates, A/B testing, segmentation, and rich media notifications

  • Enables “mobile wallet passes” creation for loyalty cards, coupons, tickets, or boarding passes for batch-sending new passes, personalizing pass messages, and sending messages directly from mobile wallet 

  • Retargets campaigns to lookalike audiences to identify new customers similar to current audiences

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Segment makes it easy to set up Urban Airship

How Urban Airship works

Urban Airship is typically powered by customer data that gets collected via its mobile SDKs. In-app notifications are also deployed through those SDKs, so implementing them correctly is of the utmost importance. Out of the box, the SDKs don’t offer much customization power since they can only tell which screens are being viewed. You’ll need to write custom code hooks in all your apps to record user activity and pass through custom user traits from your database if you want to use that data in the Urban Airship admin panel. 


Get more out of Urban Airship with Segment

Segment makes it super simple to bundle the Urban Airship SDK and record customer data with it. If you’re already recording events and user data to Segment, the only thing you need to do for Urban Airship to be ready for it use is to re-build your Segment SDK with Urban Airship bundled inside. In many cases this only requires changing a single line of code. Once Urban Airship is bundled, Segment will translate and pass through your customer data in realtime so you can skip the implementation work and get right to building personalized notifications for your customers.  

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Segment makes it easy to set up Urban Airship

Getting Started with Segment

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