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Programmatic ad buying and analysis


  • Uses ROI-driven “Programmatic Buying” techniques in ad targeting campaigns so advertisers can analyze data and automate header-bidding on cross-channel ad campaigns 

  • Pulls insights from cross-channel video, native, social, and display ads

  • Supports automated look-alike targeting so advertisers can find new audiences similar to current audiences

  • Manages display, video, and header bids so publishers can find tier-one programmatic buyers and access ad campaigns to fill inventory and tag-based buys

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Segment makes it easy to set up YellowHammer

How YellowHammer works

YellowHammer needs to track users who visit your site from your marketing campaigns. In order to achieve this, you need to install a JavaScript library that YellowHammer provides on each of your pages you want to track, which will record page hits. In addition, if you want to track conversion events, you will need to create customized code snippets for each event in your code base.


Get more out of YellowHammer with Segment

You can use Segment to automatically load the necessary YellowHammer code onto your Segment-tracked sites. When you enable the YellowHammer integration in your Segment settings, Segment automatically maps all of the event and pageview data you are already collecting with Segment and sends it to YellowHammer, in the format that they expect, all in real-time. Simply configure your settings and you don’t need to install any new code to start using YellowHammer.

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Segment makes it easy to set up YellowHammer

Getting Started with Segment

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