A platform for data powered apps.

Join the Segment platform to let thousands of companies install your app and start sending you their customer data with the flip of a switch.

Let thousands of companies use your app.

Segment customers see data as a competitive advantage. They love using apps on our platform because of benefits in data consistency across their tools, reduced implementation costs and the ability to easily discover and experiment with new tools. Building a fully supported integration gives you access to thousands of these prospective customers.

Eliminate traditional barriers to activating new customers.

Implementing tracking code is a significant barrier to activating new customers. We can help eliminate that barrier. After setting up tracking with Segment, customers can send their data to any app integrated with our platform. No additional engineering required.

Replay can shorten your sales cycle with real data.

With Segment Replay, our business customers can load months of historical data into your product. This means they start with usable data in your app on day one, and can see the value in your product faster than ever before.

Collect more of your customers’ data, from a wider variety of sources.

We focus exclusively on data collection, management and distribution, so that you can focus on doing amazing things with the data. Our libraries let web-focused companies like Marketo ingest mobile data, and mobile companies like Amplitude accept web and ecommerce data. Take a look at all of our libraries and plugins.

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