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Why partner with Segment

Segment’s Customer Data Platform is used by over 25,000 companies to collect, clean, and load all of their first-party customer data—from mobile, web, POS, CRM, email, and more—into hundreds of tools with the flip of a switch.

9,000 integrations enabled / month

Get noticed by Segment's customers and become one of the 9,000 total integrations they enable each month.

2x conversion rates

Accelerate onboarding with 30 second setup flows. Partners who embed a Segment OAuth flow in their app report 2x their average conversion rate.

40% higher retention

Retain more customers with improved data quality. Partners who integrate with Segment report mutual customers are 40% more likely to renew.

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Build with Segment

Building a Segment integration is fast and straightforward. With the Developer Portal you can test, submit, and maintain your Segment integration.


Building a Segment endpoint is easy with comprehensive docs, tooling, and access to support.


Increase conversions by an average of 2x when you embed the “Enable with Segment” button in your app to streamline onboarding and POCs.


Publish public-facing docs on your website and submit them alongside your Segment integration.

“Having a consistent pipeline of clean and standardized first-party data from Segment is an extremely valuable and core data set for our customers’ success.“

Keenan Rice

VP Strategic Alliances

Once your integration is live, unlock the benefits of Segment Select

Become an expert

Gain certification on Twilio Segment, the # CDP for worldwide market share (IDC 2020) to better serve your customers.

Access a dedicated team

Work with Segment's partner team for sales support, co-marketing initiatives, and quarterly business reviews.

Grow your business

Fuel sales with go-to-market opportunities that amplify your brand exposure and generate qualified leads.

Better together

Join other leading companies as a Segment Partner

How to get started


Join Segment Select by submitting your application. Every application is reviewed by a partner manager. Expect to hear back within 3 weeks. If you’re a fit, we’ll contact you with the agreement and next steps.


Dive deep into the Twilio Segment product by accessing a demo environment and learn more about the #1 CDP for worldwide market share (IDC 2022) in our free certification program.


Work with the Segment team on joint go-to-market activities to help your customers fully realize the power of their first-party data.