Segment offers three different plans that scale with your user growth.


  • 1 Source limit
  • Unlimited Destinations
  • 1 Warehouse limit
    • 1 sync a day
  • 1 Seat
Limited to 1000 MTU/month
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Pay as you go
  • Unlimited Sources
  • Unlimited Destinations
  • 1 Warehouse limit
    • 2 syncs a day
  • 7 Seats
$10 / 1000 MTUs
Starting from $100 per month
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Annual contract
  • Unlimited Sources
    • Object API
  • Unlimited Destinations
    • Filtering
  • Unlimited Warehouses
    • Custom Sync Schedule
    • Filtering
    • Automatic Redshift Vacuuming
  • Unlimited Seats
    • Access control
  • Cross-Domain Analytics
  • Alerting
  • Data Replay
  • Premium Support
    • Success Manager
    • Implementation Engineer
    • Service Level Agreement
Volume discounts available
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Core Features

Each plan provides access to Segment’s core features.

Sources: MailChimp, Browser, Salesforce


Collect data from every platform and load it easily into Segment.

Web and Mobile Apps

Analytics.js, iOS, Android, OTT,
 Ruby, Python, Go & many more.

Cloud Apps

CRMs, Help Desks, Email Platforms,
 Payments and more.

Hub: Segment


Transform and distribute your data so you can use it anywhere.


Structure, transform and load your data automatically


World-Class Support, Guides and Documentation

Destinations: Google Analytics, Redshift, Mixpanel


Send your data to hundreds of tools and warehouses.


180+ tools for analytics, email marketing
 advertising, and more.


Postgres, Redshift, BigQuery.

How we calculate your monthly cost

We charge you based on the number of users you track with Segment each month. We call these Monthly Tracked Users or MTUs.

Users and visitors

For mobile and web Sources, MTUs include both logged in and anonymous users. We only count a user once, even if they perform multiple actions across your apps and websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I estimate my MTUs?

To get an idea of your MTU count, calculate your monthly active users, then add your anonymous visitor count per month.

Is there a free trial of the paid plans?

Yes! There is a 14 day free trial for the Team and Business plans.

Does my bill change every month?

Your monthly cost is based on MTUs, which may fluctuate each month based on your user activity. If you'd like to have a standard monthly or annual contract, the Business plan is right for you.

Do I need to have a data warehouse to use Warehouses?

Yes! Segment connects to your existing data warehouse and pipes in data collected from your sources. You don't have to worry about the ETL or maintaining the data pipeline.

Does Segment handle the billing for these other services?

Not right now. You'll still have to pay for your accounts that you register with our Integrations and Warehouses partners.