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“The biggest thing Segment CDP has given us is flexibility. We’re able to focus on the most optimal journey and know that it will be possible; any experience we want for our customers we can deliver downstream to them.”

Laura Brodie

Director of Customer Lifecycle and Growth

Make it a continuous conversation

Build personalized customer journeys across tools and platforms based on rich, real-time data collection.

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Orchestrate the outcomes you want

Design multi-step interactions that drive to results with a user-friendly visual builder.

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Build deeper customer relationships with Journeys

With Journeys, users can orchestrate highly sophisticated customer journeys, at scale, to deliver meaningful personalization campaigns on any channel, and across any connected application.

Segment’s customer journey management tool allows businesses to adjust the customer experience in real-time, to reflect consumers’ individual actions, preferences, and feedback. This allows teams to identify the most effective conversion drivers across the customer lifecycle.

Illustration: Make it a continuous conversation

Unite paid and owned channels

Build audiences that live across every channel in your marketing strategy, and every tool in your stack.

Illustration: Unite paid and owned channels

“Segment has empowered our company to make decisions smarter and faster to give our customers the best experience possible. With constant experimentation, sophisticated customer data models, and journey mapping, we can deliver personalization at scale and across all channels.”

Nikolaj Toxværd

Chief Marketing Officer

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