Send product summary emails with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Keep your brand top-of-mind by sending users a weekly or monthly “round-up” email that highlights recent activity within your website or app.

With Segment Personas, you can compute custom user traits (e.g. # of videos watched in last 7 days) and sync those traits to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. From there, you’ll be able populate emails with your newly created traits to create a weekly or monthly summary email.

How this works:
  1. Get data flowing from Segment to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  2. Build a custom audience with Segment Personas to send computed traits to Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a new unique user property
  3. Create your email in Salesforce Marketing Cloud using your newly created property to customize the content you plan to highlight in the email
  4. Test and send to customers who qualify
Steps to get started:
  1. Configure event tracking with Segment (event tracking spec here)
  2. Get data flowing from Segment to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  3. Use Segment Personas to build and send your custom audience
Tools you need:
Connect Segment + Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Collect data once with Segment and send it any tool you use. No more tedious integrations. No more engineering resources wasted.

Create a free Segment workspace

How Salesforce Marketing Cloud works with Segment

When you use Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Segment you don’t need to collect data yourself or hook into SOAP APIs. The customer data you’re already collecting with Segment, who your visitors are and what they’re doing on your site, gets formatted to fit Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s requirements and sent to their receiving endpoint. To enable precisely-mapped forwarding of events, Segment has an event mapping page in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration settings. This enables you to manage mappings without changing the underlying code.

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