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Customer Data Platform (CDP)Personalization

Preparing for a Cookieless Future with First-Party Data

In this panel we sit down with leaders from Twilio Segment, Wise, ChartMogul, Tulipshare, and The Copy Club to hear how they’re leveraging first party data to prepare for a cookieless future.

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How to Achieve Personalization and Customer Retention with Snowflake

In this webinar, industry experts from Segment and Snowflake will walk through the new rETL and profile sync features in detail to understand how to leverage Snowflake’s data cloud with Twilio Segment to achieve better personalization.

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Customer Data Platform (CDP)PersonalizationCustomer Data & AnalyticsGrowth

How to Master Customer Engagement in the AI Era with Data

In this webinar, discover how Segment CDP becomes the center of your AI models to help generate intelligent responses, anticipate customer needs, and drive conversion rates like never before.

How to win with personalization

How to Win with Personalization: 30 data-driven strategies for 2023

This compilation of case studies and strategies showcase how innovative companies are using CDPs to engage their customers with personalized digital experiences and how other teams can do the same.

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AnalyticsCustomer Data Platform (CDP)Customer Data & Analytics

Manage the Google Universal Analytics End-of-Life Transition

During this interactive webinar, we talk through the upcoming changes, how to make the move, and how to make your analytics more powerful. Plus experts from McGraw will join us to share specific migration details and answer questions.

beyond the basics guide
MarketingCustomer Data & AnalyticsAdvertisingPersonalizationCustomer Engagement

Beyond the basics: Personalization tactics that actually convert

This guide goes beyond fluffy best practices to help companies navigate the complexities of personalization at scale.

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