Cloud App Sources

Pipe your cloud services and product data into your warehouse

Start syncing cloud services with just a few clicks. Use Segment’s libraries to join in web, mobile, and server data.

Authenticate your third-party tool with one click
 and Segment automatically imports your historical data.

Browse all Cloud App Sources

Segment schematizes and loads your data into your own Redshift, Postgres, or Bigquery database.

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Query and visualize your data using your favorite tools

Join Cloud App Sources in surprising new ways

Answer new questions about your customer experience.

Simple to set up

Setting up Cloud App Sources is fast and painless. Easily import your data and start analyzing it in your Warehouse.

Connect Warehouse

Enable Source

Access Data

Product Features

Historical Import

Pull in all available historical records from cloud services.

Alerts and Monitoring

View the details of all previous runs and get notified if something goes wrong.

Object API

Sync all standard objects as well as any custom objects from your favorite tools.

Schedule Loads

Choose when to load your data around your team’s workflow.

Business Intelligence

Explore Sources dashboards from our top BI partners Looker, Mode and BIME.

Built to Scale

Segment processes more than 50 billion API calls a month for thousands of customers.

Getting started is easy. Be up and running in minutes.