Import your Facebook Ads data to your warehouse

Load your Facebook Ads data into a data warehouse

Facebook Ads

Use Cases

Once your Facebook Ads data is synced to your warehouse, you can use it in a number of different ways.

Facebook Ads data

Go beyond Facebook Ads dashboards and ask any question you want about your advertising data.

Ad spend over time

Calculate your total spend across all of your campaigns.

Campaign performance

Analyze how each of your campaigns perform based on any parameter.

Website and mobile data + Facebook Ads

Combine data from your website, mobile app, or servers, with your Facebook Ads data to analyze multi-step conversion paths.

Conversion path analysis

What are the most common steps visitors take after they click through an ad?

Long term engagement

Do customers that come in via particular campaigns continue to engage over time?

Payment or CRM data + Facebook Ads

Combine data from your CRM or payments platform with Facebook Ads to measure how your campaigns drive revenue and leads.

User lifetime value

Calculate the lifetime value of customers coming in through each campaign.

ROI of campaigns

Compare the revenue of paid users against what you spent to bring them in.

Additional Info

Learn more about the Facebook Ads source.

Preview of collections

You can import many different types of data from Facebook Ads.

We call these collections.

Further research

Still have questions? Here are a few useful resources for you to dig a little deeper.


Check out our great documentation for detailed help on setting up Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads documentation


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