Import your Stripe data to your warehouse

Stripe is payments infrastructure for the internet, making it easy to process transactions and manage an online business.


Use Cases

Once your Stripe data is synced to your warehouse, you can use it in a number of different ways.

Stripe data

Go beyond Stripe’s dashboards and ask any question you want about your payments data.

Avg. revenue by plan

Find out how much revenue you are generating by plan

Lifetime value

Calculate the lifetime value of your customers by combining recurring revenue with churn rates

Website and mobile data + Stripe

Combine data from your website, mobile app, or servers, with your Stripe data to tie together your customer’s behavior across multiple touchpoints.

Average revenue by referral source

What is the average revenue according to the referral source?

LTV by acquisition channel

What is the average lifetime value of customer broken down by acquisition channel?

Helpdesk data + Stripe

Combine data from Helpdesk apps like Zendesk with your Stripe data to tie together customer support with revenue.

Tickets by subscription plan

Are you analyzing support costs by your customer’s subscription plan?

Impact of customer support on retention

Combine in-app behavior and support ticket data to predict when they might be at risk of churning.

Additional Info

Learn more about the Stripe source.

Preview of collections

You can import many different types of data from Stripe.

We call these collections.


To charge a credit or a debit card, you create a charge object. You can retrieve and refund individual charges as well as list all charges.



A subscription plan contains the pricing information for different products and feature levels on your site.



Customer objects allow you to perform recurring charges and track multiple charges that are associated with the same customer.



When Stripe sends you money or you initiate a transfer to a bank account, debit card, or connected Stripe account, a transfer object will be created. You can retrieve individual transfers as well as list all transfers.


Further research

Still have questions? Here are a few useful resources for you to dig a little deeper.


Check out our great documentation for detailed help on setting up Stripe.

Stripe documentation


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