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Use Cases

Once your Zendesk data is synced to your warehouse, you can use it in a number of different ways.

Zendesk data

Go beyond Zendesk’s dashboards and ask any question you want about your helpdesk data.

Average first response time by week

How fast is your support team responding to customer support tickets?

Yearly support tickets per customer

Which customers are requiring the most attention from your support team over the course of a year?

Website and mobile data + Zendesk

Combine data from your website, mobile app, or servers, with your Zendesk data to tie together your customer’s behavior across multiple touchpoints.

Trending Ticket Tags

What are the most common tickets in a free trial, and how are those tags trending over time?

Impact of support on product usage

When are customers getting most frustrated with your website or app and sending support tickets?

Payments data + Zendesk

Combine data from Payments apps like Stripe, with your Zendesk data to tie together customer support with revenue.

Tickets by subscription plan

Are you analyzing support costs by your customer’s subscription plan?

Impact of customer support on retention

Combine in-app behavior and support ticket data to predict when they might be at risk of churning.

Additional Info

Learn more about the Zendesk source.

Preview of collections

You can import many different types of data from Zendesk.

We call these collections.


Tickets are the means through which your End-users (customers) communicate with Agents in Zendesk.



Returns a stream of changes that occurred on tickets. Each event is tied to an update on a ticket and contains all the fields that were updated in that change.



Just as agents can be segmented into groups in Zendesk, your customers (end-users) can be segmented into organizations.



If you have enabled satisfaction ratings for your account, this end point allows you to quickly retrieve all ratings.


Further research

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Check out our great documentation for detailed help on setting up Zendesk.

Zendesk documentation


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