Collect your data
through Segment.
Explore it in Snowflake.

How it works

Connect and load customer data into Snowflake in minutes.

  1. Connect Snowflake.
  2. Track events in your app.
  3. We’ll load your data.

Why Snowflake?

Answer your toughest questions without building​ a data pipeline.

Advanced Analytics

Dive deeper than traditional analytics tools by querying raw data with SQL

Cross-Product Analysis

Analyze all your web, mobile, and other data sources together in a single place

Hundreds Of Integrations

With one code implementation, send your data off to hundreds of tools

Way easier than building it yourself

Start using Snowflake in minutes instead of months.

Optimized for analytics

We transform the data before loading it so it’s easy to query.

Fully Managed Schema

We dynamically update your schema when you send new properties.

Perfect For Analytics

Tables for events and columns for properties to make writing SQL easier.

Faster Queries

Compressed data types to keep your database small and queries fast.

Connect to your Snowflake.

Explore your raw data using business intelligence tools to visualize and analyze customer data

Sync data from any source.


Analytics.js javascript library


Server-side libraries like Node, Go, PHP, Ruby


Our iOS and Android libraries


Cloud services like Salesforce, Facebook Ads and more

Getting started is easy. Be up and running in minutes.