Opening up Segment to Mobile Partners

Chris Sperandio on November 30th 2015

To help you get your hands on more mobile integrations faster, last week we launched a new mobile platform that lets partners build their own bundled mobile integrations for Segment.

This means you’ll see more services on our platform, and we won’t be in the way of new partners joining or getting updates out! So if you have a company you’d like to see on the platform, send them here:

As a part of the launch, we’re pumped to welcome a few new mobile partners to Segment. We’re offering deep linking technology for the first time with Branch, and beautiful in-app NPS Surveys with Wootric.

We have quite a few more partners hard at work on new and enhanced integrations, and you’ll be able to get your hands on them soon!

Lighter SDKs

To start, we’ve made some helpful updates to the SDKs, making them lighter weight and easier to handle. We used to automatically bundle all our optional client-side integrations by default, but this made our core SDK pretty large and could lead to bloat from tools you weren’t using.

Now, when you install our lightweight SDK, you have access to our entire suite of server-side integrations. And if you want to add a bundled one, it’s just a one line change and a rebuild away.

The ability to choose on a case by case basis between robust server-side integrations for data-collection and client-side integrations for in-app engagement, optimization, and personalization use cases gives you the best of both worlds: streamlined data collection without any rebuilds, and complete coverage of core functionality without any re-instrumentation. For instructions on how to update to the latest SDKs, check out the migration guides forAndroid and iOS.

Mobile is, of course, the fastest growing component of a complete cross-platform marketing and analytics strategy. Looking ahead, expect to see lots of exciting improvement to our mobile SDKs, enhancing the data we collect automatically and hooks we expose to partners so that they can build even more powerful integrations.

Here’s a look at the new mobile integrations launching that you can take for a spin today.


Branch’s mission is to make app growth and discovery easier and more achievable for every app developer. To accomplish this, Branch provides deep links for sharing, marketing, referrals, advertising, and more.

So if you want to link to a specific product within an ad through the app store you can do that. If you want to let your users share particular products, pictures or songs within your app, you can do that too.

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By deep linking new and existing app users to content, Branch links have proven to increase installs and engagement, improve retention, and reduce customer acquisition costs. And it makes sense. Continuing the experience from ads to landing pages is something that we already expect on the web and mobile is not far beind.


Wootric collects customer feedback inside your product based on the Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS®), widely recognized as a simple and powerful way to understand customer happiness. Setting up a consistent and actionable NPS® program can be time and resource intensive, but Wootric helps you get a NPS® program up and running in minutes.

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Unlike traditional email campaign-based NPS®, Wootric regularly measures customer sentiment by sampling users inside the mobile application with a low friction survey design. Feedback is fresh and contextual, and response rates average between 40-60 percent.

Because Wootric is always running in the background, you can easily track changes in customer sentiment over time, close the loop directly with individual customers inside your Wootric dashboard, and identify feedback themes that can help improve your product.

Who else do you want to see?

Have a mobile service you’d like to try that’s not on Segment? Send them this link, today!

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