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Episode 26

Balancing Data and Intuition

In this episode of Good Data Better Marketing podcast, Andrew Mok, Chief Marketing Officer of Turo, discusses balancing data and human insights, stopping the scroll, and dogfooding your product.

Guest speaker: Andrew Mok

Andrew has served as the Chief Marketing Officer since 2017, leading Turo’s sales and marketing teams. Andrew’s focus is on growing Turo’s community of hosts and guests and making Turo an iconic global brand. His previous roles include VP of Growth at DogVacay, Strategy Consultant at Bain & Company, and Front-End Developer for Life360.

Episode summary

In this episode, Kailey and Andrew discuss balancing data and human insights, stopping the scroll, and dogfooding your product.

Key takeaways

  • While AI can help us become more efficient, it can’t replace human connection, something that customers value. Intertwining AI and human insights can help your campaigns stand out from the crowd.

  • It’s important to know when to balance data and when to use your intuition. Data can and should be used to structure an experiment, but intuition can lead to creating revolutionary products.

  • Customers are getting savvy to generic value prop messaging. By making content that feels organic and authentic, you’re able to hold their attention much longer.

Speaker quotes

“It's important to remember there's a balance between when to use data and when to use intuition. You should use data when it's available and when you can actually structure an experiment. You also shouldn't get paralyzed by data. You should know when to use your intuition. You don't create revolutionary products by optimizing your way there. It comes from somebody who has a vision or a team of people who have a vision and who execute it.” – Andrew Mok

Episode timestamps

‍*(02:38) - Andrew’s career journey

*(07:17) - Trends in customer experience in car sharing

*(10:27) - How Turo is building AI and human insights into campaigns

*(15:48) - How personalization and data impact Turo’s strategies

*(22:53) - Changes in customer behavior at Turo

*(32:19) - How Turo is “stopping the scroll”

*(39:26) - An example of another company doing it right with customer engagement (hint: it’s Amazon and Masters Tournament)

*(44:48) - Andrew’s recommendations for upleveling customer experience strategies

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